Add Edit Update Delete Using Php and Mysql

Hi Guys, Every web programming language have database operations.

A very basic database operations are add,edit ,update and delete database records. In this tutorial I have to teach how to add ,edit,delete,update a record using php and mysql.


I have to add basic student details in database.I create and use four files to perform this basic database operations.

  1. Config.php
  2. Index.php
  3. edit-studentdetail.php
  4. Manage-students.php


contains database connection Details.see the below code.


index.php perform  add student details in database .below code explain this operations.


In this file perform edit and delete student record .see the below code

Next Manage-students.php

Manage-students.php  perform  show all students details fetch from database with edit and delete link. Edit link perform edit student record and update record operations, delete link perform delete a particular record in  database.In the below code explain this operations

I hope in this tutorial give a basic idea about database operations using php and mysql. If you any doubt please leave a comment.

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  • poonam

    I’m totally new in php
    and i just want to know that how this is actually work

    can you please tell how this statement is actaully work.

    and why should we

    $query=”UPdate student_detail SET name=’$name’,gender=’$gender’,department=’$department’,terms=’$terms'”;

    again pass the values to $result variable if we already pass it in the $query variable?

    I know this very simple things but until i don’t know why I’m writing that things I’ll never become a master in php pls help me

  • Anmol Kumar

    thanks for great help..

    1 small issue is that when i update 1 row of data , all other data gets set to same data..